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Attorney-Conducted Workplace Investigations is a law firm dedicated to conducting independent, neutral fact-finding investigations of sensitive complaints and potential employee misconduct. With over 20 years’ experience conducting investigations for large and small employers, our commitment is to conduct fair and thorough investigations which employers can rely on as a basis for making sound employment decisions.

Amy Ahrendt has an in-depth understanding of the laws governing workplace conduct, as well as a practical understanding of the sensitivity of employee relations and how workplaces actually work. She divides her time between Portland and Ashland, Oregon, and conducts investigations for employers throughout Oregon and California.


Investigations Can Be Complicated

The type of workplace issue that requires a formal investigation can be disruptive and distracting, not only to the employees involved, but to the entire workforce. Our experience allows us to efficiently conduct an investigation and present factual findings so that an employer can feel confident in how to move forward. Our company is founded on the following principles:


Our reputation is based on our integrity and impartiality. All parties involved can rest assured that an investigation will be conducted fairly, untainted by any preconceived notion of what happened. We firmly believe that an employer and its employees are best served through a fair and objective investigation process and delivery of reasoned conclusions based on a thorough analysis of the relevant facts.


We have the knowledge and experience to plan and conduct an effective investigation. We have the ability to develop rapport with individuals involved in an investigation so they trust the process and are willing to share what they know. We carefully gather and analyze relevant facts, assess the credibility of the information, and deliver findings that an employer can rely on.


We conduct every investigation as expeditiously and cost-effectively as possible, without compromising the thoroughness of the process or the quality of the results.We strive to understand our clients and provide practical, solution-oriented advice when called upon to do so. We deliver a well-founded, well-documented, and reliable investigatory conclusion so that an employer has the information it needs to make decisions and resolve issues.


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